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Important Questions to Answer Before You Start Your New Business:

If you are about to begin a new small business, then some of the questions you should ask your tax advisor or lawyer are:

  • Should I organize my business as a sole proprietorship, an LLC, a "C" corporation, or an Sub Chapter "S" corporation?

  • Do i need a shareholder agreement?

  • What state should I organize my business in?

  • What is the capital requirement to begin that meets the legal tests of sufficient capitalization?

  • Can my business operate as a Not-for-profit entity?

  • Is my business eligible for any government programs such as minority owned businesses?

  • Should I use an attorney to incorporate my business or one of those online business formation services?
If you are about to start a new business it pays to get sound legal & tax advice about the
many issues relevant to organizing a new business venture!

Such expert advice early on can often save you thousands in taxes & legal problems
down the line.

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